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Bellm Oversized Hinge Pin for Contender.

"Bellm Oversize Hinge Pins"

For T/C Contenders, G2's, and Encores

Often Reduce Group Sizes by 1/2! Proven by thousands of shooters for over 10 years.

Accuracy is shot-to-shot repeatability. Will the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th shots hit in the same place as the first one, or will they land several inches apart in a "shotgun pattern?" You may go to great time and expense trying all kinds of ammunition components, buy a better scope and scope mounts, buy a better forend, buy and use all the special reloading gadgets, sit for hours prepping your brass, etc., etc all in an attempt to make your Contender or Encore do the same thing each time you shoot it. But how can it if the hinge pin is loose and the barrel can move around while the bullet is traveling?

There is no substitute for a precise tight fit!

Perform this test yourself: Remove the barrel from your Contender or Encore. Lay the barrel on a table or bench. With one hand holding the barrel stationary, insert the hinge pin about half way into the hinge pin hole and try to wiggle it. If you can feel any movement of the pin, it is obviously not a tight fit, and obvious also is the fact that the barrel with its greater leverage advantage and the forces involved in firing can and WILL MOVE a lot more than you are able to move the hinge pin by hand.

With movement such as this, how can you expect it to hit in the same place?

Perform this same test on the frame, but try the pin in the frame holes individually. You will also often find that the holes are not the same size from one side to the other. It makes no difference whether your barrels and frames are new-out-of-the-box or shot a lot.

Factory hinge pin hole tolerances vary tremendously.

Bellm Oversize Hinge Pins are made just enough larger to be an "interference fit." This means that instead of just slipping in, they must be tapped in. In the shop Mike uses a 5/8" diameter jeweler's hammer, so a lot of force is not needed. In actuality, tapping in the pin merely burnishes down the rough surface finish inside the holes. You will also find that many of the holes are not truely round, and that only about 3 shiny spots exist where the pin has worn the blued finish off inside or polished the inside surface if the barrel or frame is stainless steel. If you can detect any movement on the factory hinge pin, then the BelIm Oversize Hinge Pin will fit.

But, if one of the holes in the combination is snug (perhaps 10% are), that hole may need reaming, and hinge pin reamers aree available for those rare situations. Also ask about a reamer on loan.

The best way to install the Bellm Oversize Hinge Pin is to install the barrel with the standard pin in place and well oiled. Then with the standard pin acting as a guide holding everything in alignment, simply tap the standard pin out with the Bellm Oversize Hinge Pin as you tap the Bellm Oversize Hinge Pin in. It is that easy.

With the Bellm Oversize Hinge Pin in place the barrel will most likely not simply fall open when you unlock it. It will now open and close more like a bank vault door, WITH NO SHAKE AND RATTLE!

Both side to side and vertical movement of the barrel at the hinge pin during firing is eliminated except for a few holes that are quite oversize and may require a .376" pin which is available on special order.*  (See Note below.)

For either $6.95 for the Contender or $9.95 for the Encore you can now get the benefits of all the other investments you've made to your Contender or Encore in accuracy!

This is an illustration of the old axium stating "the chain is no stronger than its weakest link." The hinge pin is often the weak link in the accuracy chain.

Fix it with a Bellm Oversize Hinge Pin.

Bellm pin for the Contender - $6.95

Bellm pin for the Encore - $9.95

S&H - $2.00

Contact us by e-mail or call for availability - we try to keep these and other sizes in stock!

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