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Bellm Hammer Extensions
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Bellm Custom Machined Hammer Extensions for the TC Contender & Encore

Bellm Bellm Custom Hammer Extensions for the TC Contender & Encore.

Beautifully machined and finished aluminum with deep knurling for a sure grip, the specially designed Bellm TCs hammer extensions are the best available.

Ambidextrous, cannot slip forward, mounts to either the right or left side of the hammer.

Tighter and more stable than the "one size fits all" approach. Try one and see for yourself!

$16.95 ea + $2.95 S&H

Money order / Certified Funds, or for these pin and hammer extension sales, I accept Paypal.

Contact us by e-mail or call for availability - we try to keep these in stock!

Please inform us of your sent payment using our e-mail address ( ) and send total payment  by Paypal using our e-mail address as the account, or by USPO Money Order ir Certified Check to the address below, as these form of payment clear the moment that they are received. Personal checks from your bank account must clear the bank (can take three weeks or longer) before item is shipped.

Item will be shipped as soon as payment is received and cleared.

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