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- Wyoming Stones -
What is a "Wyoming Stone?" It is naturally occurring stone, usually associated with hot water & volcanic activity. The stone is a natural mix of jade, feldspar, and quartz plus some alumina silicates, and since it occurs in nature, it will vary somewhat from stone to stone.
Some stones are nearly pure white, others have grey and brown streaks and hues, some are nearly black. Generally the whiter the stone the smoother it cuts. Darker stones are a little more aggressive. As natural stones cut to shape, if they break, they are replaced no charge.
The stones you normally buy are made from crushed stone molded in a matrix to various perfect shapes with pretty surfaces. The man made stones will smooth things up BUT they do not cut as fast or as smooth as the Wyoming Stones, and will not give that velvety smooth polished finish/edge that is ever so nice!
Wyoming Stones are OUTSTANDING for sharpening knives. Once you shape a knife edge with a file, carborundum stone, or diamond grit lap, the Wyoming Stones put a shaving edge on a knife in no time, like about 10 minutes or less.
Just bring the knife edge to a "wire edge" you can feel on the side opposite where you stoned it last. Be sure all nicks and dings are removed and the wire edge is continuous the length of the blade. Then stone it with the Wyoming Stone until you cannot feel the wire edge from either side. It will now shave hair, dry. If it does not, recheck the edge for any trace of the wire edge and stone it a little more. It WILL shave dry hair, easily.
Who Needs a WYO Stone?
Anyone using a knife needs a Wyoming Stone for sure! Especially: Hunters, fishermen, outdoorsmen, craftsmen, and tradesmen who rely on a fine, longer lasting cutting edge. They all get better cutting edges on their knives, cutting tools, and fish hooks. Wyoming Stones have become a trade secret among select gunsmiths and ski shops where exceptionally smooth surfaces are required, whether it is an exceptionally smooth trigger pull or faster skis with sharper edges for icy skiing conditions.
They are also used in machine shops and industry for smoothing surfaces and fine deburring of machined edges. Folks who have gotten the Bellm Encore Trigger Job CD-ROM have been asking for stones, and now I have them available.
The best Stone I have found, bar none.
They cut fast, but leave a highly polished finish, and unlike most stones they do not wear down quickly. Mike Bellm has done hundreds of trigger jobs with the two stones he started out with, and they show very, very little wear. I have never seen any stones like them.
Wyoming Stones are the "trade secret" to doing really smooth trigger jobs, and now you can do it yourself.
For best results use Wyoming Stones Dry. Clean with water and a dab of detergent. It is best NOT to oil them. They can also be cleaned up and trued with a flat carborundum stone or a diamond lap by simply rubbing them together.
And again, as natural stones cut to shape, if they break, they are replaced free of charge [simply return the broken pieces and a new stone will be shipped out to you!]. They are simply the best stones I have found. Try one and I think you will agree!


1/4" x 1" x 4" Gunsmith Size (The 1/4" size Needed for the Contender Trigger job in order to undercut the trigger sear notch) - $17.95

Bellm Stone lrg 3

1/2" x 1 1/8" x 4" Sportsmans Size (Perfect for Encore trigger jobs, and durable and rugged for field use) - $25.95

Money order / Certified Funds. $6.00 S&H

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