Varmint Species

Varmint Species
The Woodchuck
The Common Crow

Varmint Species

The State of Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries provides the following definition of Varmint and Nuisance Species:

The following animals are designated as nuisance species and may be taken at any time (except on Sunday by use of a gun, firearm, or other weapon and on some public lands during certain time periods, see National Forest-Game Department Regulations):

house mouse, Norway rat, black rat, coyote, groundhog, nutria, feral hog, European starling, English sparrow, mute swan, and pigeon (rock dove).

While coyotes are not protected, live coyotes may not be imported or possessed in Virginia. Coyotes may be taken without limit at any time (except as provided above). Electronic calls permitted on private lands only with written permission of landowner.

Other Wildlife

It is unlawful to take, possess, transport, or sell all other wildlife species not classified as game, furbearer, or nuisance, unless otherwise specifically permitted by law or regulation.

A hunting license is required to take any wild animal or bird (except as explained under hunting licenses and permits). Persons taking frogs or turtles must have an appropriate license whether by hunting (gigging), trapping, or angling. Bullfrogs may be taken by bow and arrow and from private waters by firearms no larger than .22 caliber rimfire.

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Two fat Woodchucks fall to the Bellm 22mag.
Woodchucks are a common Nuisance species here in Virginia.

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