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22LR Contender barrels: Standard or Match chamber?


The ability to rebarrel a T/C frame with a simple screwdriver and dowel for punching out a tight pin is what got me started into the Contender switch barrel conept.


380Bullberry 4

I used to primarily shoot bolt action rifles, and I hated having to send a bolt action to a gunsmith if the barrel needed replacing: it always seemed like an awfull hassle to ship not to mention very time consuming and expensive.

All of that is history when one becomes a Contender or Encore shooter. With the Contender, if you run across a barrel that will not shoot, simply dissassemble the gun and send the barrel back to T/C under their lifetime warranty and they will replace it, or better yet purchase a Custom barrel from the likes of Virgin Valley Custom Guns, who guarantee their barrels have MOA accuracy at 100 yards. I hardly use
Bolt guns anymore due to the accuracy of the Contender/Encore concept and ease of gunsmithing and upgrading them.


Match Contender 2

One less expensive but very good alternative to a custom barrel is to have Mike Bellm rechamber an existing used factory barrel to a longer case in the same caliber, one that will "eat out" the factory throat & chamber, which are usually not exactly concentric to the bore. Mike dials in the throat to the bore for an extremely tight and accurate fit. I have had Mike do this for me, and the difference in accuracy is AMAZING!

Two Late November Woodchucks and a Bellm Rechambered 14" 22Mag.

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